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Make Me Bigger!

My Love Warrior

By pauly

It's high time for another round-up of subject lines of messages from those helpful, concerned spammers.

We'll do this in Top 10 format from now on:

10. Don't let her laugh at nights on your inability to satisfy

9. Update your Penis

8. Stay man even when drunk!

7. Dont lose your passion due to bad potence!

6. Now you can get it up before anyone does!

5. More flesh on your pole

4. Have your partners ever told you, they would like you to finish later?
(no, they usually ask me to finish somewhere else!)

3. Real men have real peckers

2. Exclusive blend to give you the best, hardest boner ever!

...and my #1 subject line this week is:

1. If your love warrior is too small, you may lose this war!


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Peso Colossuses - Top 10 Penis Bloaters

By pauly

10. peso colossuses

9. How to make her beg for more

8. You Can Enlarge Your Penis By 3"

7. After our secret poison you will need to buy a new bed!

6. Ping pong in your bed!

5. Girls will be shocked at your new size

4. utter and complete domination now possible

3. No Pumps! No Surgery! No Exercises!

2. Bonking power doubled

...and my number one pick is 

 #1 Upgrade the bazooka in your pants



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More assistance for my.... problem

By pauly

Blow them all away with your gigantic tank gun (my personal favorite!)

Penetrate harder and give the pleasure to every woman!

Incredible Irresistable Insatiable ROCK HARD ALL DAY LONG

More howls than you can shake a shiver at, unbelievable length

Be the KING of the world, and the largest of the jungle

It's all about women...and the size of their men

Revolutionary med discovery for your love-stick!

She gives me head EVERY night now that I have such a large pecker

Medical science has come so far - a new big dick is now a possibility.

Never feel inadequate again with your brand new huge p3nis.

Outsized schlong for you and your gf!

Make your phallus bigger and more solid!

Bigger baby-maker is not a dream anymore!

Do wilder things with your new big phallus!

Amaze the girls with your gigantic tool!

Guaranteed gigantic boner!

See your dic'k swelling day by day!

Ever wished a bigger baby-maker? Now your dreams come true!

Total penetration is now assured with your new huge schl0ng.

Your dic'k size will never arouse a derision!

Turn those locker room looks into stares of envy

Women love it if you have a 9 inch snake in your pants rather than a tiny 5 inch weener

Prevent women from leaving you when they see your tiny c0ck Impress them when the pants go down

Lovin her and giving her pleasure will never be this easy again, once you have a huge c0ck



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Top 10 Spam Subject Round up

By Pauly

We haven't had a top 10 round up for a while so here's the latest batch of my favorite spam subject lines:

10. How to Find Her G-spot - Here iis the Stunning Underground Technique Every Man Must Know

9 .The Truth About Faking Orgasms
(hey, I fake 'em all the time!)

8. Bring Your Boner Back To Life By Ingesting A Simple Pill

7. 3 Thiings Women Can't Stand in Bed - You Must Know These Before It's Too Late
(sorry, its too late)

6. Your hair is not that luxuriant, Get the beauty back! (don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful)

5. Gain 3+ Inches
(that would make me 15 inches, yay!)

4. Girls..This Vibe Causes Screaming, Exploding O's & Squirting (does it come with a towel?)

3. No one would protest against additional virility.

2. Learn Dirtyy Talk Tonight

...and my current #1 favorite: 

1. Your Girlfriend Will Pass Out When She Sees Your New Dick


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I'm so inadequate. Spammers, can you help?

By pauly

Helpful spammers are constantly trying to alleviate my inadequacy. Do they know something I don't? How come I never get spam for size reduction?

Pen!s enlargement up to 4 inches!

She will always be hungry for your new big sausage!

Reliable way to enlarge your willy!

Special offer for your little willy!

Make your friends envy your new huge size!

Don't restrain your desires, increase your love stick!

Your lady will be pleased like never before!

New scientific development for your love wand!

Guys with small dic'ks are pathetic!

Make your trouser snake look like a real royal python!

It's now possible to increase your pen!s without surgery

completely incapable of pleasing a woman?

No woman cann't help from from getting laid with you

Outsized schlong for you and your gf!

Bigger phallus will allow you to express your manliness better!

Improbable effect on your phallus!

Your self-confidence will grow bigger together with your pen!s

This smart p!ll will turn your willy into a monster!

Bigger dic'k gives incomparable pleasure to you and your partner!





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